Value Added Services



Fast-Cor offers a wide range of value added services that will streamline your purchasing and supply chain operations. These services can lower your purchasing, receiving, and accounting costs drastically while allowing your employees to concentrate on more important job functions. Whether your company uses an MRP, Kan Ban, or Just-In-Time system, Fast-Cor can integrate a value added program to save your company time and money. Most importantly, we understand that your needs are specific to your organization and we tailor our programs to meet your unique requirements. By deriving your program from one of the below programs or generating an original one, Fast-Cor will establish a value added program that works for you. Call your local sales office for more details about setting up a value added service with your company.

Auto Replenishment Services

Fast-Cor can design an Auto Replenishment Program tailored to your needs, or participate in any existing system you might have. Auto Replenishment Systems are designed to “pull” parts to the production floor based on the actual usage of the parts. Stock levels are monitored by the customer or Fast-Cor, either physically or through a file sharing/bar-coding system, and the stock is replenished as it is being used.

Typical Auto Replenishment Services include:
Bin Stocking
MRP Monitoring

Inventory Management Services

Fast-Cor also has designed and implemented several Inventory Management Services for our customers. Each service is designed to reduce the cost of purchasing, handling, and carrying inventory while ensuring the inventory you need is available when you need it. These services can work in conjunction with an Auto Replenishment Service or as a stand alone service.

Some of the more common Inventory Management Services Include:
Dock To Stock
Bar Coding
Off Site Bins
Consignment Inventory

Other Value Added Service

As our customers’ primary source for components and fasteners, we have to adapt to our customers’ diverse needs. In doing so, we have developed the ability to perform just about any service our customers require, either independently or through a wide range of third party partners.

Some of the services Fast-Cor can provide include:
Cable Assembly
Part Modification
Special Labeling and Packaging
Electronic File Sharing/EDI

Assembly, General

To save time on your assemblies, Fast-Cor can work with you to pre-assemble product at our facility. Fast-Cor knows time equals money and with assembly at our facility, we can help your company be more efficient to increase profits.

Bar Code

Looking for an easy way to receive in stock and manage inventory? A simple way to do this is to bar code product. The bar code will let you scan the shipments into inventory to increase efficiency in your warehouse. Contact a Fast-Cor representative and we can tailor fit your bar coding needs to your company.

Bin Stocking

Fast-Cor understands the most important service we can offer is meeting your needs and requirements and that those needs are unique to your organization’s supply chain management. Our bin stocking service is tailored to you. Whether you rely on the uncommon milkman bin stock service, bar code bin stock service, off-site bin stock service or something custom designed, Fast-Cor has the experience to support your needs.

Bonded Inventory (Dedicated)

Dedicated inventory is stocked at our warehouse using your part numbers. Bonded inventory ensures that your product will be available to you and will be delivered on time.

Consignment Inventory

Commonly used inventory is stored at your facility under Fast-Cor’s ownership. Offering you hardware and components as your production needs demand. You will reduce purchase orders, expediting, freight charges and other purchasing related costs.

Consolidated Billing

To help save paperwork and time, Fast-Cor can offer you consolidated billing. Instead of getting a paper bill every time a product ships, consolidate your bills for the month to one weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly bill.

Dock to Stock

Efficiency is a key component of a successful business and Fast-Cor can help your company be more efficient by implementing a dock-to-stock program. Our representatives will work with with you to inspect product shipped so you don’t have to do it when you receive product and it can go right into stock.

Drop Shipments

Need product quickly? Fast-Cor offers your company the ability to drop ship product directly from the manufacturer to save time in case Fast-Cor does not have stock.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Looking to speed up orders, expediting, and communication with your distributors? Then look to Fast-Cor for your EDI needs. Using your PC and modem, you can dial into Fast-Cor’s mainframe and all the information you want is at your fingertips. Fast-Cor’s “Inventory Inquiry” screen provides all the product detail from pricing, available stock, to the stocking location. The order screen allows you to place purchase orders, make changes to your request date, or check status of a back order. Of course, E-mail is included.

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)

In today’s growing economy, more and more companies are looking to paperless needs. Electronic Fund Transfer is an ideal way to make payments for your purchase with Fast-Cor in a quick and easy step by transferring funds from you to Fast-Cor for payments of invoices. No need to write our checks anymore, the funds will be drawn from an account.

Just-in-Time (JIT)

Improve you return on investment by reducing in-process inventory and its associated costs. Rely on our vast experience to make sure your JIT program is handled properly.


Kanban is a means of managing a Just-in-Time (JIT) program. A Kanban system is a way of signaling that more parts are needed on the production floor. A Kanban system is typically a three bin system, one bin on the factory floor, one bin in the factory warehouse, and one bin at the supplier’s warehouse. The bins will have a removable card that contains the product details and other relevant information – The Kanban card. When the bin on the shop floor is empty, it is replaced by the bin in the warehouse. The supplier is then contacted to replace the bin in the warehouse.


Fast-Cor will take your bill of materials and package items together to provide production ready kits. One line item per order reduces suppliers, SKU’s, inventory, inspection, transaction, and acquisition costs. Kitting streamlines procurement, and speeds up the manufacturing cycle.

Long Term Pricing

Protect yourself from increasing material cost by negotiating a long term pricing agreement.

One Stop Shop

Reduce your vendor base by consolidating purchases through one vendor. Our broad product range and ability to source hard to find products makes us an ideal source for one stop shopping.

Quality Control Levels

Outsource your quality control. We can deliver parts already inspected and tested to your quality control standards.

Rebate Program

Fast-Cor offers rebate programs for customers that are increasing sales. Contact your local Fast-Cor representative to see what it will take to qualify for a rebate.

Schedule Sharing

Schedule sharing is another way to manage your commonly used items. Fast-Cor will schedule product up to twelve months allowing you the ability to push and pull schedule dates based on your demands.

Special Packaging – Bag and Tag

We can deliver your parts packaged and labeled to your specifications.

Special Payment Terms

Contact your local Fast-Cor sales person to see if you qualify for special payment terms. We have several programs available to our customers.

Vendor Management Inventory

A V.M.I. program will utilize many of the services listed above. The end result will be a system where Fast-Cor has responsibility for the management of your inventory, increase control of your requirements and reduce your administrative costs in the management of your inventory.